Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nestle Centennial - is it worth celebrating?

"NESTLE CENTENNIAL In The Philippines: Is It Worth Celebrating?"
by The EQualizer Post, 10 April 2011

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The Nestle Centennial In The Philippines

John Miller , Say NO To Corruption!

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No To Perjury!

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EQ POLL : What's Your Image of NESTLE?

Nestle is a trade and distributor bully in the Philippines.

Milk powders produced in China by Nestlé contained traces of melamine.

Nestle attracts global criticism for its infant-formula marketing policies, especially those conducted in developing countries.

Nestle has been criticized for outsourcing and price-fixing.

The world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company.

Manufacturer of quality baby food, coffee, dairy products, breakfast cereals, confectionery, bottled water, ice cream, pet foods, more...

Members of Nestlé Management at all levels are professional.

Nestlé is conscious of its social responsibility, which is inherent in its long-term orientation.


*All images and poll from The EQualizer Post

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