Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Milo Marathon 2010: Nestle's Audacity to Skirt Responsibility: What's New?

The incident of Remus Fuentes' passing 48 hours after the Milo Marathon was never covered by Media. Insiders in the industry have acknowledged that this will never see the light of day, especially that Nestle, again, is involved. They always use their big advertising budget to squash any unfavorable news about them, threatening pull out of ads should any media outfit publish things such as this.

If you still haven't heard of this, here are the links to both sides of the story.

Remus's Father:

Nestle's Statement:

You can judge for yourself who is telling the truth when you go through the posts. It is also very interesting to take a look at the comments of the people. Nestle thinks it can get away with generic pronouncements, half-truths, outright lying, and yes, even putting the actual blame on Remus by referencing lack of preparation as a big risk factor!

What assholes!!! An eight year old is fatherless now because of Nestle's idiocy! And now, Nestle has the gall to say that they did everything by the book and actually try to state that a tragedy like this is the runner's fault!

Mr. Rudy Fuentes, we support you! Nestle has a history of evading responsibility by using their size, power and money. There are several entities now who have filed cases against them. The biggest one is Banco de Oro. (I will be posting the copy of the case here soon.)

You are alone in this fight. You are not alone in seeking the truth. You are not alone in seeking justice.

They will not get away with this.

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