Monday, January 4, 2010

Corporate Hypocrisy: A Study in Contrasts

Per the Filipino press article (inset), Nestle Philippines Inc. just embarked on strengthening its human resource pipeline through its Management Immersion for Leadership Excellence or MILE program (I really don't know why acronyms are "in" thing in corporations but then that's a another story). The top executives of the company were presenting Nestle business cases to the students/would-be employees in a bid to recruit them to be the next generation business leaders of this giant multinational company. Their selling point - "This is how we build champions." Their theme -" See the Nestle difference." Wow. Great salesmanship. Great program. Great company.

Or is it?

Did they include in their business case presentations anything that has to do with Corporate Ethics? How does Nestle treat its Filipino SME partners?

Yup, they do build champions - Champions of corporate greed, Champions of bullying the small companies, Champions of anti-trust practices, Champions of covering their own asses.

Yup, we see that Nestle difference - how to use size to bully, prolong and weasel itself out of clearly ethical, moral and legal issues it gets involved in.

Just look at the previous articles of this blog to see what kind of Champions Nestle builds and the difference Nestle makes.

Is there any better form of showing hypocrisy by Nestle than putting out press releases that contradict its own actions? Or by creating a student recruitment program without disclosing its own violations of its values? Please, Nestle, please show the recruits, the students, and us more of who you are.

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